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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Karl Neuman
Karl I. Neuman
Alfhild K. Neuman
Arthur S. Neuman
Adolf V. Neuman
Ellen M. Neuman
John M. Neuman
Per A. Neuman
Lilly C. Neuman
Charlotta M. Persdotter
(1851 - 1934)
Pehr Johannesson
Johannes Persson
(1779 - 1810)
Per Mårtensson
(1742 - 1782)
Börta Andersdotter
(1751 - 1798)
Anders Sivertsson
Inger Tohlsdotter
Kerstin Bengtsdotter
(1779 - 1831)
Christina Andreasdotter
(1818 - 1860)

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