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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Sigrid Karlsen
Rasmus Karlsen
Berta Karlsen
Tora Karlsen
Hedvig Karlsen
Olav Karlsen
Ruth Karlsen
Solveig Karlsen
Henrik Karlsen
(1881 - 1954)
Tomas Carlsen
(1849 - 1925)
Carl L. Tollefsen
(1803 - 1874)
Iver Tollefsen
(1771 - 1823)
Tollef Iversen
Dorothea Zachariasdatter
Johanne Larsdatter
Not published
Not published
Ingeborg Aslaksdatter
(1808 - 1898)
Aslak Johansen
(1775 - 1831)
Johannes Jakobsen
Not published
Sissel Tomasdotter
Thomas Omundsen
Magla Larsdotter
Siri Hendriksdatter
Hendrik Paulson
Paul P. Bog
Paul Paulsen
Siri Simonsdatter
Sicelle Henriksdatter
Henrik Pedersen
Not published
Siri Pedersdatter
Peder Johansen
Johannes d. O. Rørtvedt
Gunnhild P. Ramsfjell
Siri Aanundsdatter
Aanen Johannesen
Siri Ormsdotter

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