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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Sigrid Karlsen
Rasmus Karlsen
Berta Karlsen
Tora Karlsen
Hedvig Karlsen
Olav Karlsen
Ruth Karlsen
Solveig Karlsen
Kaia Gaard
(1879 - 1944)
Rasmus R. Gaard
(1843 - 1912)
Rasmus Rasmussen
Rasmus Johannesson
Johannes Rasmusson
Malene Hansdotter
Ragnhild Larsdotter
Lars Olson
Anna Olsdotter
Oline R. Gaard
Rasmus Rasmusson
Rasmus Rasmussson
Marta Knutsdotter
Ingeborg Rasmusdotter
Rasmus Eliasson
Anna Olsdotter
Berta G. Olsdotter
(1847 - 1939)
Ole Andersen
(1800 - 1854)
Anders Olson
Ole Hågenson
Sofie Andersdotter
Torborg Olsdotter
(1773 - 1860)
Ole N. Nordhusvågen
Berit Torsdotter
Torborg Johnsdotter
(1813 - 1865)
Jon Knutson
(1779 - 1863)
Knud Olson
Kari Jonsdotter
Guri Jonsdotter
Jon Svendson
Torbjørg Hågensdotter

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