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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Elise N. C. Eliasdatter
Nikolai E. Holmen
Rakel Eliasdatter
Karoline Eliasdatter
Hans I. Eliasson
Bergine H. Eliasdatter
Elise J. Eliasdatter
Nilseus B. Eliassen
Salve i. Eliasson
Johan T. Eliasson
Engel Hansdatter
(1851 - 1893)
Hans Johannessen
(1806 - 1891)
Johannes Larsen
Lars Larsen
Lars Assersen
Not published
Mette Hansdatter
(1732 - 1774)
Hans Jonsen
Karen Finnsdatter
Gunhild Berntsdatter
(1769 - 1851)
Bern Ommundson
Ommund Toreson
Elen Ellefsdotter
Karen Kristensdatter
Kristen Andersson
Gunhild Sørensdatter
Rakel Tollaksdatter
Tollak Jakobson
Jakob Jakobson
Jakob Larsson
Karen Andersdatter
Gitlaug Tollaksdatter
Not published
Not published
Karen G. Rasmusdatter
(1790 - 1842)
Rasmus Kristenson
(1732 - 1800)
Kristen Rasmusson
Anna Gunnarsdatter
Guri Rasmusdatter
Ramus Asbjørnson
Not published

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