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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Alma Christensen
Christian P. Christensen
Martin B. Christensen
Villiam Christensen
Karen Christensen
Mette C. Brosbøl
Martin C. Brosbøl
(1842 - 1924)
Christen C. Brosbøl
(1804 - 1880)
Christen C. Brosbøl
(1764 - 1843)
Christen Enevoldsen
Kirsten M. Christensdatter
Bodil Jensdatter
(1765 - 1846)
Jens S. Gartner
Not published
Maren H. Schmidt
(1807 - 1858)
Bodil Thomsen
(1843 - 1905)
Thomas Nielsen
Niels Thomasen
Bodil Jepsdatter
Mette Madsdatter
Mads Larsen
Johanne Lauridsdatter

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