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Not published
Ejnar Knudsen
Hans K. Knudsen
(1855 - 1928)
Knud H. Christiansen
Edel M. Jepsen
Jeppe Madsen
Dorthea Nielsdatter
Ane Lauridsen
(1857 - 1932)
Jørgen Lauridsen
(1828 - 1907)
Laurids lambertsen
Lambert christensen
Kirsten lauridsdatter
Ane Jørgensdatter
Not published
Not published
Ane m. Hansdatter
(1832 - 1901)
Hans Pedersen
(1806 - 1894)
Peder hansen
Anne m. Johnsdatter
Kjersten Pedersdatter
(1808 - 1889)
Peder Christensen
Anne Christensdatter

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