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Children Base Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great-great grandparents
Aagot M. Hammer
Ragna S. Hammer
Emil Hammer
Kathrine B. Hammer
Elfrida Hammer
Janette K. M. Ingebretsen
(1843 - 1913)
Not published
Engebret Tollefsen
Tollef E. Aamodt
Engebret Svensen
Anne Persdatter
Mari Nilsdatter
(1748 - 1831)
Not published
Ingeborg Johannesdatter
Not published
Randi M. Knutsdatter
Knut Sandersen
Berte K. Hansdatter
(1797 - 1871)
Hans S. Taasen
Not published
Not published
Berthe M. Hansdatter
Not published

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