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Aarskog 3 persons
Aas 90 persons
Aase Poulsens Slægt 1634 persons
Abraham Lincoln\'s pedigree 2146 persons
acl 896 persons
acl 896 persons
Adinas pappas anor 64 persons
Aggerholm 179 persons
Alfred Christian Olsen 1864 289 persons
Anders Thorstein 2114 persons
Andres Monson Erstad 22 persons
Andresen/Appel 89 persons
Ane og Kristian Ellevseth 6 persons
Anene til familien Smith 787 persons
aner til Gjertrud 93 persons
Aner til henrik Frank 1175 persons
aner til Maria Lucia 47 persons
aner til Michael Christian 53 persons
Anettes 675 persons
Ann Kristin Olsberg 4 persons
Ann-Christin Ågren 2 persons
Anna Hansen 9 persons
Anne Kristin Stiansen 75 persons
Anne-Mette Rolving Juncher 80 persons
Arild Andresens familie 533 persons
Arne Dørup Jensen 21 persons
Arne willy 8 persons
arnomd 18 persons
artur 137 persons
Asbjørn Corneliussens familie 133 persons
Asle Mykkeltveit 100 persons
Astrid 3 persons
Auren 1107 persons
Beate Leite Stenmark 104 persons
Beate Leite Stenmark 104 persons
Beckfamilien 1788 persons
Beckman Nore 23 persons
Bendtsen/Larsen 2279 persons
Bengtsson 175 persons
Benny Hansens Slægt 1481 persons
Benny Rasmussen 71 persons
Benny Rasmussen 71 persons
Berg Hansen/ Jacobsen 75 persons
Berg-Nordlie 60 persons
Berggren 9 persons
Berit Nielsen stamtræ 9 persons
Bertil Storvik 136 persons
Bertil Storvik 136 persons
Birger Snekkermoen 1 persons
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