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Honore Inger 240 persons
Horst Normann Hansen Adam 52 persons
Håle Övergård 6 persons
ilse 92 persons
Ingebjørg og Johannes Sveen 105 persons
Inger Elisabeth Pedersen 21 persons
Inger Ganer 296 persons
Inger Mari Nergårds slekt 578 persons
Ingerborg Marie Samuelsdatter 17 persons
Isfolket 6 persons
j-p-mar-17 17406 persons
j-p-mar-17 17406 persons
Jacob Hansen 1803 24 persons
Jacob Marcelius Ormestad 332 persons
Jacob Peter Johansen Bødker 6857 persons
Jan Frode & Signe Marie 882 persons
Jan Frode & Signe Marie 882 persons
Jan Inge Bjerkely 69 persons
Jan Inge Bjerkely 69 persons
Jan Inge Bjerkely 69 persons
Jan Knoph Gulbrandsens slektstre 8 persons
Jan Olaussen 2054 persons
Jan Otto og Marthe 43 persons
Jan Pedersen 17524 persons
Jan René Abildgaard 262 persons
jens henrik overgaard jensen 45 persons
Jens Marinus slægt 28 persons
Jens Nørregaard 177 persons
Jensen/ Jørgensen 166 persons
Jespersen 548 persons
Jette Aagren Kristensen 65 persons
Jette Hammer Ørskov 145 persons
Jette Hammer Ørskov 145 persons
Jimmy Arnold 126 persons
JO Stamtræ 1120 persons
Johan Alfred Nyman 253 persons
Johannasanor 177 persons
Johannasanor 177 persons
Johanne Hansen Nilisdatter 5 persons
Johansen/Grimstad 39 persons
Johansen/Pedersen 12 persons
John Schneider hansen 20 persons
johnny 138 persons
Johnset - Svarteberg 128 persons
Jon A Vik 146 persons
Jon Fjukstads aner. 598 persons
Jonsson 124 persons
Jørgensen 250 persons
Kai Richardsen 37 persons
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